Friday, April 18, 2014

Tee Time.

     Girl, I've been doing this vintage t-shirt thing for a minute! A perfectly worn, thin vintage tee is worth its weight in gold. Of course, a good one is hard to come've got to put in some time with a tee to get it to that sweet spot! And who in their right mind would give it up after they've spent that many years loving it into softness!?! I have quite the vintage t-shirt collection and I wouldn't part with any of mine! Even the ones I don't wear much are too precious to throw out, so I just hoard them. The jewel of my collection is, as my Mother would say, "so thin you could read the Lord's prayer through it". It is just a white men's v-neck undershirt, but a friend put a vintage iron-on Native American Chief where the pocket would go. The day that t-shirt bites the dust will be a dark day indeed.

The coolest of kids from every generation have been wearing old t-shirts for decades. All of our favorite rock-n-roll icons have worn them slit and torn forever, we're just all trying to look as effortlessly cool as our hero's. Here at Street Scene we've been going t-shirt crazy! We have recently found some great vintage tees and have also started to alter some that needed a little TLC. Let's check out some totally kewl ways to wear the altered t-shirts we have in the store...

 The Mustang Lounge is or was most certainly a "gentleman's club", but dang, that's a good tee. 

 Nothing says cool like a Harley bike week tee.

 Who doesn't love the dynamic duo of George Strait & Reba!?!
 Reba is killing it.
 Hey, don't forget about me, I'm Lee Ann Womack! I'm just hanging out under your shorts...AHHHHHHHHH!
 Boys II Men ABC BBD. 
 Nothing quite sets a Boys II Men t-shirt off like a tri-tone braided herringbone necklace.
The back is even better! I love Michael Mccary's low, low notes and bawler cane so much!

Come grab yourself an awesome altered or vintage tee and make it your own!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Derby Party Guide

The biggest weekend in the bluegrass, the Kentucky Derby, is just a few weeks away. Even if you won't be sitting atop millionaire's row, you still have just enough time to throw together a fabulous Derby gathering for your friends and family!  Have your guests dress in their derby best and move the party outdoors if the weather permits.  Southern games like cornhole and croquet will keep your guests entertained throughout the afternoon up until the races.  Don't forget to have some type of drawing or betting pool for the big race (a giant chalkboard is perfect for displaying the field of horses)!  A mint julep or bourbon bar is another fun touch that you can set up with glasses, coasters, stirs, and ingredients.  I've also gathered some of my favorite southern recipes that are perfect for derby day (hot browns and derby pie are a must!)  Take a look at some of my favorite products, inspirations, and ideas below:

 Bourbon bar via Southern Weddings

Bacon Pimento Cheese Puff Pastry Cups via The Blond Cook

 via Etsy

 via Yahoo!

 via Pinterest

 Kentucky Derby Pie Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars via Half Baked Harvest

via Food52

 via Pinterest

Mint icecubes via A Borough

Smoked barbecued pulled pork with house made Vidalia onion barbecue sauce and buttermilk coleslaw via Martha Stewart Weddings

Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake via Tastespotting

Cookie cutters via Copper Gifts

Horseshoe benedictine sandwiches via Tea Time Magazine

 Hot Brown Bites via Plain Chicken

 via Pinterest

 via Pinterest